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How To Dress When Traveling – A DIY Approach

Posted on 08 March 2018 by admin (0)

Don’t experiment with your clothing whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, because clothing is directly associated with your comfort and if done wrong, you will end up being frustrated and uncomfortable. The internet is full of articles about complete how-to-pack guidelines but doesn’t provide much information on what to actually wear during your travel adventures.

Deciding about your clothes can sometimes be a bit tricky if you don’t give it proper thought and planning. In fact, it is the final and most vital step before packing and leaving on your journey.

As every travel experience is unique as per your chosen destination and presents its own set of challenges, therefore there isn’t one chosen way to go about selecting your clothes. But I have compiled some do’s and don’ts rules which will make clothing selection a breeze for you.


Weather Forecast:

You must first consider the time of the year you will be traveling to your destination. Is it a summer vacation or a winter one ? or maybe you are traveling during the spring season. Whichever time you have chosen to travel, a simple Google search can give you complete information about the weather at any particular time of the year for any place around the world.

Dress Code:

They say, “While in Rome, do as the Romans do!” and there is obviously a reason behind it. Although it is not compulsory to follow a country’s dress code, this consideration will help you to realize what you have and should you need to buy more. If you do need to go shopping, make it a vacation shopping activity.

Your comfort comes first:

Remember, these are just guidelines. Don’t forget to consider your own comfort level when choosing clothes. Select attire that is easy to wear and easy to manage.


Let’s look at clothes selection from a different perspective. You can simplify your selection further by considering what not to wear during your travels. There are certain wearables that you must avoid when traveling abroad. Here are some examples:

Sweatpants, PJs, and Shorts:

Comfort is a priority but it doesn’t mean you should throw decency completely out of the window. Avoid wearing sweatpants and PJ’s while traveling. They are designed to be worn at home PERIOD.

Shorts must also be avoided as airports tend to be cool places and you don’t want to catch a cold during a trip.

Strong fragrance:

Be respectful of your fellow travelers, they might have allergies to certain fragrances or your perfume’s strong scent may be bothering them.

Provocative dressing:


Simple rule; don’t wear anything that makes parents cover their children’s eyes and hinder them from looking at you. The provocative dressing includes revealing clothes or attire with offensive logos and artwork.

Complicated shoes:

It is advisable to wear something relaxing and comfortable in which you can walk for longer periods of time if you have to. Airports or the place you are visiting might require a lot of walking so you must be prepared.

Loud and exclusive jewelry:

You can attract the unwanted attention of prying eyes by wearing exclusive jewelry. You are also taking the chance to make metal detectors go off resulting in a thorough security checking which takes some time. Why would you want to add unwanted waiting time on your journey, right ?

Oversized and tight clothing:

Oversized coats take space and slow you down in carrying and managing them; it’s best to avoid them. Similarly, jeans are a great wear for traveling, but tight jeans are not. They stop you from walking freely. And might give you blood clots from prolonged sittings.

Use eyeglasses, not contact-lenses

Airplanes have a dry environment. Avoid wearing contact lenses and use comfortable (not trendy or delicate) glasses for eyesight requirement if you are near or far-sighted.

Religiously offensive attire:

I don’t want to get into the religious stuff here, but do your research about your selected destination and don’t wear attire which is religiously forbidden or frowned upon to avoid provoked reactions.

People often mistake extra and useless items as travel essentials and end up carrying out half of the house if not full during their travels. Use these simplified guidelines to make necessary clothing selections during your next travel adventure and take only what you need and nothing more.